About Us

Our Company

The greater percentage of our regular work originates from clients such as: Greater Wellington Regional Council, Wellington City Council, Porirua City Council, G. K. Shaw Ltd., Chaffers Marina Ltd., Whitianga Marina Society, Brian Perry Civil (Fletcher Construction), Department of Conservation, Wellington Marine Education Trust, Veolia Water NZ, Southport Ltd., Primeport Ltd., Lyttelton Port of Christchurch, Opus International Consultants, Tonkin & Taylor / Holmes Engineering Consultancy Group, Christmas Island Ports (Western Australia Indian Ocean Island Territory), Nauru Government / Ronphos Corporation / Port of Nauru.

The afore listed Companies and Government Departments are very stringent in their selection of contractors. They rightfully demand high standards of safety and workmanship. Many of these clients regularly audit our safety procedures and operational working practises, to ensure set standards aren’t compromised. As both individuals and a Company we cannot afford slip-ups; more human lives depend upon the safety of civil engineering structures than upon the products of most other industries.
The scope of work and experience is extensive, ranging from, however not limited to: construction and structural work; topside structural and underwater ultrathermic cutting and welding; underwater concrete placement; erosion stabilisation and scour protection; pipeline and power cable installations; slipway and wharf construction; deep-water mooring system and navigational structure installations and maintenance; explosive blasting and demolition; specialised marine vessel operation; desalination water supply projects; (NDT) weld test / corrosion / ultrasonic thickness testing and CP (cathodic potential) surveys; breakwater construction; dredging; marina and harbour structure refurbishment, pile condition assessment, pile cutting and rehabilitation services; contaminated water / ocean outfalls survey inspections and maintenance; environmental impact assessments; civil engineering and project management.

To provide clients with a good well-founded service, we not only rely upon the expertise of our staff, but also on an extremely comprehensive range of good sound equipment and specialised vessels to support our operations.

Throughout the Companies time in operation Undersea Construction Ltd. have always advocated the importance of delivering quality workmanship in all facets of their work; we strongly believe our experienced personnel, work ethic, and company culture greatly assists towards achieving and implementing best practise and economic solutions. Providing the Asset Owner, it’s Operators, and subsequently the end users with an assurance of reliability and ensuring the integrity of the Asset. Thus minimising risk and therefore maintaining the Clients valuable asset in safe and efficient working condition – “fit for purpose”.

Our Staff

Staff are the company's greatest asset; dedicated, focused, and highly skilled. They take immense pride in their work; their experience, professional and trades backgrounds allow them the ability to not only view and report on a job, but to provide recommendations and solutions.

UCL recognise these factors are essential to achieving a high degree of efficiency in its operations, and are therefore committed to staff Health and Safety, and continued up-skilling through ongoing training.

Our personnel have extensive experience in all facets of underwater constructions, deep-water pretensioned mooring installations and maintenance, structural welding fabrication and test procedures, asset condition assessment surveys, NDT inspections, maintenance, and due to their experience and professional backgrounds have the ability to not only view and report on a fault, but provide recommendations and implement solutions.

Our Equipment

  • We operate modern international standard surface supply with underwater communication equipment.
  • We are trained and equipped with specialised gear for contaminated water diving.
  • For structural construction, fabrication, maintenance and demolition work, we carry a comprehensive range of underwater hydraulic tooling.
  • Ultrathermic and petrogen cutting, topside and wet welding gear.
  • An extensive inventory of specialised tooling and equipment to support our operations.
  • For inspection and survey we have portable, diver operated video and lighting units linked to topside monitors CCTV. The latest technology in underwater digital still cameras. With these units we can provide instant images of any inspection component.
  • Non-destructive testing (NDT) survey, ultrasonic thickness and flaw detection meters, and MPI weld inspection equipment.
    Underwater CP Meters for cathodic protection potential surveys; anode measurement and corrosion inspection.
  • We operate Maritime New Zealand surveyed vessels to support our dive operations.